Monday, November 23, 2009

Start A ColorFire

The First ColorFire E.P. will release within the next three days. ColorFire is a really exciting project because it still does not have an established identity. Everything is still very new. No music has been released prior to these five songs, no myspace has been created until now, and its time for everything to spread. This is exciting because within the next 72 hours the music will be available for free online download. And once the music is online it can be accessed by anyone in the whole entire world.

ColorFire is about to spread. And as the music spreads different things will happen that will affect the future of ColorFire. But for now there are five free songs. You can download those songs by clicking here. If you like the music give it to your friends. Tweet about it. Tell others through facebook. Add us on myspace. The ColorFire can only spread if you tell people about it.

And if you dont like the music... give it to people you don't like.

ColorFire E.P.

Every week we will post the number of E.P. downloads.

Current Download Count: 0

Our first goal is to get a 1000 downloads within the first two weeks. We will update you on the progress.



  1. I just downloaded it, so that makes at least one =) Absolutely incredible!

  2. Adorei!
    Hey, venham pro Brasil!

    Adorei vocês!
    Sucesso mesmo! ;]